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  • hi;

    First EP "Nice To See You"

    on sale at Little Penguin Online Shop

    from Jan. 17 at 22:00 +JST

    Limited phisical

    8cm CD-R ver.

    December 28th 2019

    on the first sale !

    2200 YEN (tax in)

    ・8cm CD-R

     (4 songs + 1 bonus track)

    ・2 pocket softer tissue w/ DL code

     (random color in

    beige, navy, and dark green)

    ・velvet pochette with

    gold foiled tulip print

    8cm CD-R 4songs +1 bonus track
    2 pocket moisturizing tissue w/ DL code, one is for you, another is for your precious
    hand towel random one in 3 colors  w/ handmade stetch
    velvet pochette w/ gold foiled tulip print

    Digital ver.

    Artist : hi;

    title : Nice To See You

    Label : Little Penguin

    1. marginal surface

    (listen on soundcloud)

    2. calm n sea

    (listen on soundcloud)

    3. steam you

    4. terrier

    5. eskimo ways

    (Bonus track for bandcamp)


    Started on Nov. 17th, 2019


    *Digi market

    (iTunes、Amazon etc)

    each 150yen , album 600yen

    you can buy bonus track

    "eskimo ways" on bandcamp !



    (Spotify、Apple Music etc)


    Link : https://linkco.re/42sC7E0U

    "marginal surface" music video

  • hi;

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